Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 6

"Morning sickness"
Common word that i always hear at clinic
Know theoretically without knowning how it really feels
Some women experience this situasion
Some are not
And some are bad

It happen at early week 6th untill week 16th because of releasing of hormone known as hCG in the body
This hormone is indicator in urine pregnancy test..
Its existance will show positive result (2 red line)

How morning sickness feels?
Not as goos as theory
Feeling uncomfortable most of the time 

Nausea especially at early morning..
Unable to sleep at night
Everytime i eat, evrything will come out
Vomiting when i eat fatty, spicy food
All the "gulai" and curry  is not the best dish to eat

Wanna to drink or eat something that have acidic smell and taste like lemon, ginger.
Need to drink a lot of plain water to prevent constipation

The bad situation is when having loss of appetite..and at the same time, i need to eat to cover nausea
Until now i still dont what i really can eat 
Its like try n error
If the food is not suitable for my stomach,  a couple minutes after that, everything will come out (vomit)
Im cried
Feeling exhausted..
I cant let my stomach empty..desire to vomit is higher
But im tired to eat and vomit again

"Back pain"
Its become worse day by day
Wish someone can give a massage before i sleep 

"Feeling lazy"
This is really obvoius..feeling lazy to do things that i used to do
Having back pain and uncomfartable in the stomach, i prefer to lay down and try to sleep
Cant think properly
Cant act properly
Cant give a good respond like before

"Not compliant"
Its hard to comply to medicine
Folic acid, calcium, iron 
All these supplement is good at early pregnancy but hurm..

However, having all this pain so suddenly remind me of something
"There is "a life" inside ur body"
"Allah love u since pain is "penghapus dosa"

All these struggle is worth it..
How hard i need to hold all these nause, vomit, back pain & laziness
Mommy still love u
Keep strong with me..

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