Monday, July 27, 2015

Life & hope

The moment u see no light, is the moment where the hope is gone

When that moment come..what u can do is "redha & pasrah"
Before u decide to do that..ask urself
Do u fight for it? Do u satisfy? Do u really cant bear with it? 

Remember..26th dec 2014
Ur dad came tu u n u really want to take this guy as ur husband and want to stay his side no matter what happen & being a good wife & mother ?
U confidently said "yes, i do"

U cant take that words back..marriage is not a place where u can try n not a place where u can simply take easy & is definitely not a place where u can play around!
Once u in, u in till the end

But women's heart..when u read..
"Pemberian terakhir"
Its jus two words, but its meAn so much
Deep deep deeply hurt..

How bad i used to be, im still a woman who have a fragile heart

I dnt ask for it just for myself..i ask since i want to build a real family..
Not a year but forever..

#Words that u cant take it back
Its more hurt when u cant think bout ur own self anymore and try to turn it positively by saying "all these thing happen is becoz of me"

"Nie semua balasan"..i dnt know how this words will go ><

When u feel darkness in ur life..there is whisper in ur heart
"Allah is always by ur side, HE dont put urself in situation where u cant handle it by urself..wake up & be strong"

Thanks to Allah

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