Thursday, July 23, 2015

My life

Dear heart, plz be strong

Its been a long time im not coming here..its like yesterday that im so happy to get enggaged..
Yes i do

Now, i already married
To someone i cherish the most
To someone i love so much
To someone i thought can always accept me
To someone can make me strong
To someone can guide me tru this terrible life

I know Allah's plan is the matter what happen i need to be strong and 'redha'

I try my best to be a good wife..
I do make mistakes before..a bad mistakes in my life by believing a person called  a man
I ruin my life..

I thought i'll be alone..nobody can accept me
Until my heart was open to someone.. A nice guy..i thank to Allah
HE still love me by sending him to me
Till now i still cant believe i married with him..
I juz move and follow the flow without knowing 'life is not always be at ur side'

When the past was revealed, im stuck
I dnt know what to do..
I dont know by keep quite make things worse
I juz love him so much..i juz want to be happy with him

I used to be bad..that the old me
I regret what was i did but it is too late?

May Allah open his heart to accept my past
Thats was my past, i cant change it
He married a new girl..><

We cant change people's heart..
What we can do is keep believing in Allah no matter what happen..

Indeed im hurt ..#crying

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